New Work: Holly Maguire's 2015 Calendar for Homemaker

If you haven't got your calendar sorted for next year, look no further!  Drawn in Bristol member Holly Maguire has illustrated an exclusive calendar for Homemaker magazine, which you can download for free here.

The calendar is packed full of bright, beautiful, glistening hand-crafted illustrations of seasonal veg, craft hobbies, leisurely folk enjoying the sun, and these rather delicious looking mince pies.

Holly also hosts a food based blog, Pie and Ink, featuring illustrations and recipes for new foods she's discovered or baked, and contributes to Free Flavour, a delicious blog celebrating excellence in food packaging.

Another of my favourites from the Homemaker calendar, is this lovely seeds spread.  You can view all of the images on Holly's blog.

To view more of Holly's work, you can visit her Drawn in Bristol portfolio here.

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