DIB Calendar - Carys-Ink

A little bit of insight from the illustrators who contributed to the DIB Bristol calendar, which is now available to buy from: 

Paper . Scissors . Stone shop, Volume 4, which is launching today, October 3rd at 5pm!

St Augustines Reach

Carys Ink says:  

I love the harbourside area of Bristol, and have many happy memories of summer evenings spent sipping a cool beer, with friends outside the Arnolfini - to me that is such a classic Bristol thing.

We asked her for a bit of info surrounding the process around designing her image:

I cycled around the area and took a few photos for reference. The cranes are so imposing and iconic, I knew I wanted them to be a prominent part of my image and so decided on an angle from by the M-Shed, with St Augustine's Reach in the background. I hand drew all the elements before making them into vectors and finalising the composition on the Mac. As this was to be a 2 colour image, I had great fun working out the half-tone shading and making sure that the cranes really stood out... I think they do!

It is really nice to have seen all the other designs now, they sit together nicely as a set, yet with the eclectic feel you come to expect from Drawn in Bristol.

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