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Rosie Faragher, based in the Drawn in Bristol studio and Becky Palmer, another really top notch illustrator, have teamed up to produce LOAf Magazine, a new publication for 9-12 year olds coming out this November, jampacked with comics, stories and puzzles created by some talented artists based in Bristol and Cambridge.
Stuart Adams
The magazine, which will be coming out in November, aims to showcase thoughtful, beautiful and often hilariously funny independent narrative illustration for older children.

The LOAf team are currently selecting from work by a few Drawn in Bristol artists like Claire Shorrock and Dave Bain as well as by Alexis Deacon, Daisy Hirst, Rose Robbins, JoffWinterhart and many more such greats!
Becky Palmer
It would be awesome if you could help the LOAf project fulfil all its goals (one of which is to run lots of creative workshops for children to produce comics destined for LOAf publication), by pledging a donation in exchange for a VERY charming reward.

Find the LOAf crowdfunding project page HERE
Roar with laughter at the LOAf bread clothes game HERE
Tweet @LOAfmagazine
Trudi Esberger

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