DIB Calendar - Ben Goodman

A little bit of insight from the illustrators who contributed to the DIB Bristol calendar, which is now available to buy from: 

Paper . Scissors . Stone shop, Volume 4, which is launching today, October 3rd at 5pm!

We had a quick chat with Ben Goodman about the inspiration and ideas surrounding his Bristol image...

The Arches

I used a lino cut to produce the image. Most of my art works are wood engravings, but for this one I wanted to try lino.

The inspiration for the image was this feeling I always get when I go through The Arches. They feel like a gateway onto Glos rd. The shops depicted are my favorites, even if some of them don't exist any longer! At different points in my Bristol-life I've spent a lot of time in them. So with the idea that The Arches were a gateway, I designed the image like a medieval town. Complete with that naive perspective that comes with old woodcuts.

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