Jenny MacKendrick - The Pirate Fox

Jenny MacKendrick
The Pirate Fox
£45 (A5 original painted on wood)

Please get in touch if you wish to purchase:
More info here: BIG BOAT, little boat
Jenny is a Bristol based illustrator and maker.  Since completing a Drawing and Applied Arts degree at the University of the West of England she has worked from her studio at home where she loves to make things.  Be it a picture on paper or board, a knitted creature or a steel welded chandelier, each expresses essence of Jenny and a child like sense of fun.  With a strong sense of character design and friendliness Jenny's work is imbued with her quirky style of humour.

She has exhibited in and curated group shows around Bristol with friends and has had a number of private clients from hospitals to child minders.  For her illustration projects Jenny works most in ink and watercolour but can manipulate a number of media depending on the mood of the piece in question.

Jenny also works under the alias Stitch-Ink and has created a whole range of sewn and drawn shop ready produce that is sold in a number of galleries and shops in Bristol.

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