Dubblethunk - Astrography

£55 (A4 framed print) (unframed £35)

Please get in touch if you wish to purchase: drawninbristol@gmail.com
More info here: BIG BOAT, little boat
Since Dubblethunk was a tiny, non hairy creature he's enjoyed doodling whatever his noggin conjours, fortunately he was encouraged by the people around him to keep at this hobby until he realised he could turn it into an enjoyable career. Ever since he's invested a lot more time into developing my style and painting skills!
His illustrative work mainly uses line, sillhouette and negative space to shepherd the viewers eye. He has always been into creating silly characters for his own amusement and enjoys a good visual moan through sketching. Illustration aside, he spends the rest of his time as a Portrait Artist and Tea drinker.

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