SPZero76 - Eat The Grain Barge

Eat The Grain Barge
£120 (A3 original framed)

Please get in touch if you wish to purchase: drawninbristol@gmail.com
More info here: BIG BOAT, little boat
‘SP Zero76’ aka Keith Hopewell is a versatile freelance illustrator based in Bristol. Originally from South Yorkshire he moved to Bristol in 1996 where he received his degree in Illustration at the University of the West of England.

He has been working steadily as a freelancer for a number of years. Most recently he has worked alongside Mambo and Free Spirit, creating wall art in their stores. He has regular work creating signs, canvases and murals for bars, clubs, hairdressers and shops around the South West, including promotional work with Red Bull.

He has a varied portfolio, which includes album covers, flyers, computer game art, children’s trading cards and t-shirt designs for SP:UK  and Treacle Clothing.

SPZero76 also runs an ever expanding project called Collaberation Nation. This sees both up and coming and well established artists working together to create unique pieces of art for prints, merchandise and live art events.

This past year has seen SPZero76 producing live art at festivals and club nights. He was also part of the winning Secret Wars team at Upfest 2011, Europe’s largest street art festival, alongside Squirl and Loch Ness.

Over the summer SPZero76 has had a successful exhibition at Weapon of Choice Gallery and has been involved in The Wow! Gorilla project for Bristol Zoo’s 175th Anniversary.  This saw him painting life size fibre glass Gorillas which took to the city streets before being auctioned for charity.

His art has been featured in a number of publications including Digital Artist magazine, Its a Trap, and We Take Control.

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