The Bristol Giants and the Severn Seas Book Launch

Get ready to dive in to a whole new Bristol Giants adventure, as they return to the Lab Shop this Saturday 9 May for the launch of The Bristol Giants and the Severn Seas.

Following the success of the original Bristol Giants book, writer Oliver Rigby has once again teamed up with the supremely talented Tom Bonson to share the story of how the Withdrawn boats came to be in the middle of Leigh Woods to the surprise of children across Bristol.

Oliver Rigby explains the inspiration behind the new tale, and how it is linked to the National Trust funded installation currently on show in Leigh Woods.

'Our first book brought a forgotten local folklore of how the Avon Gorge was made back to life through the legend of Goram and Ghyston.  We wanted children’s imaginations to run wild, encouraging them to learn more about the local landscape and the city they live in.'

'Now, this second story encourages children to think about how these boats have ended up in the woods.  The idea is that if parents read the story to their children at bedtime and then surprise them with a visit to Leigh Woods, they can discover the playful fishing boats and bring the story to life.'

The new e-book, illustrated by Drawn in Bristol's Tom Bonson, will be available to download for free from the Bristol Giants website from Saturday 9 May.  To coincide with the launch, Oliver Rigby will be performing a reading of the book at the Lab Shop on the Bristol harbourside (Canons Road) at 10am.

Click here to find out more about the Lab Shop and its upcoming events, or click here to find out more about the Withdrawn boats project.

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