Now Showing: A Selection of Work by Harriet Lee-Merrion & Lara Hawthorne

Take some time out of your day to head over to the Here Gallery this week to check out this beautiful new exhibit from Harriet Lee-Merrion, who recently joined the Drawn in Bristol studio, and Lara Hawthorne.

'Lara and Harriet have a narrative element to their work and often depict surreal scenarios and interesting characters that highlight the humour in everyday life.  Their styles are both unique and distinctive but their work is thematically linked through their focus on folklore.'

Their work complements each others' impeccably, whilst bringing together different influences from artwork around the world and the natural world.

'Harriet's work is influenced by the Japanese tradition of minimalist but emotive line drawing and Lara is inspired by west African textile patters as well as the bright and bold colours from earth and the animal kingdom.'

To find out more, click here to visit the Here Gallery website.

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