Upcoming Exhibition: Wild Alphabet

Last month, we were very sad to see Alexia Tucker leave our studio to move to the beautiful literary town of Hay-on-Wye, but we're delighted to announce that she's back in Bristol with a foray of wildlife in tow!

For those who are familiar with Alexia's work, you'll be used to seeing her pen an animal or two, and she's been quietly amassing a full alphabet of much loved and lesser known animals over the past couple of years, culminating in a full 26-letter-strong exhibition at The Gallimaufry from Thursday 23 October, which marks the opening night, kicking off at 6pm.

Alexia's also introduced an element of competition into her show...

'Alexia saw her Wild Alphabet series as an exploration of the animal kingdom and study of unfamiliar creatures from around the globe. The series deliberately breaks away from conventional ‘cute’ animals to bring some lesser known animals into the limelight.  Come and see if you can guess any of them!  A prize goes to the first person to send a complete correct list of all the animals in the series!'
There are also some new letters on their way as we speak.  Stay tuned in to Alexia's Twitter feed for sneaky peeks and your chance to guess upcoming critters.
For more information on what promises to be a truly wild and wonderful show, you can keep up to date with the Facebook event here.

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