Upcoming Exhibition: Knock Knock

Two of Drawn in Bristol’s members, Dave Bain and Laura Wady, have joined forces to create a collaborative exhibition, entitled Knock Knock.  On display will be ten original paintings, inspired by the mischievous games and limitless imagination of childhood.

The exhibition takes place in The Snug, a newly-launched space inside Tobacco Factory’s Cafe Bar.  The intimate setting, with its sombre lighting and collection of curios, provides the perfect backdrop for what looks to be an intriguing set of artworks. 

All are welcome to come to the opening night on Thursday 30 October, from 7pm.  Click here for further details.

Drawing on their early memories of Halloween trickery, costumes and magic, Laura and Dave have created a series of uniquely bewitching characters, each one meticulously hand painted and full of detail that will surprise and shock.

Each character started life with one artist and was completed by the other, resulting in unexpected connections and playful freedom.

Exhibition continues until Tuesday 30 December.

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