Upcoming Exhibition: ARTCRANK

If like us, you think that bikes and illustration are a marriage made in heaven, you'll be mad to miss ARTCRANK, which comes to Bristol this Friday.  ARTCRANK BRS will feature hand-made, bike-inspired posters created by artists from the south west.

It's free to get in, and limited edition, signed and numbered copies of all posters will be available for £30 each.  A portion of proceeds will support World Bicycle Relief, a nonprofit organisation which uses bicycles to create jobs and empower local communities in emerging economies.

The poster party will be taking place at THAT Clifton Pop Up! at 2/4 Clifton Down Road from 6pm, forming the closing event of the pop-up's summer arts installation.

'One of the big ideas behind ARTCRANK has always been making art as accessible to people as bikes are,' says ARTCRANK London organiser Chris Verbick.  'Part of that is price.  It's pretty cool to be able offer limited edition, handmade posters for £30 [each].   But it's also about introducing people to the artists who live in and work in their community. Bristol and Bath have undergone a real cycling renaissance in recent years, and we’re excited to reach out to people who are just discovering — or rediscovering — the simple joy of riding a bike.'

Joining the artists are Drawn in Bristol member Carys Ink, and Irish illustrator Donough O'Malley, who've kindly given us a quick peaks of her cycle-centric posters.

'It’s going to be great to come to Bristol to engage with such a vibrant design and riding scene,' says Chris Verbick.  'We've been welcomed with open arms and it's inspiring to be meeting and working with such talented people...and I can’t wait to see what our artists come up with.'

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