NEW to the Drawn in Bristol Studio #2

Jayde has very admirably come into the studio on one of the hottest days of the year, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to catch up with her, and introduce her to you all.  

I caught her hand-painting a to-do list at her desk (which made me realise how much I enjoy other people's to-do lists).

Jayde Perkin, our newest Drawn in Bristol studio member, has just graduated from UWE in Bristol, and her work is already (deservedly) receiving lots of attention.  

Jayde creates hand-rendered illustrations inspired by vintage Americana, fashion and ephemera, using paint and paper textures to layer her artwork.  She specialises in narrative image-making, telling intriguing stories about history's misfits and outcasts within her work, and is currently generating ideas for a self-authored graphic novel (watch this space!).

Jayde was recently featured in the Telegraph for her contribution to the book Rosebud Sleds & Horses Heads: 50 of Film's Most Evocative Objects, in which she illustrated Marilyn Monroe's famous white dress (you can check out the article here).

I'm really excited about Jayde's work, and would strongly urge you to take a look at her other images here, or have a read of her blog here.

Thanks Jayde!