NEW to the Drawn in Bristol Studio #1

We've had something of an influx of new members at the Drawn in Bristol studio recently, so I thought I'd introduce one of our new faces. Sophie Rae (also known as Sophie Rae Harding) joined our Hamilton House studio space a few weeks ago, and has already made quite an impression with her exciting printing techniques.

Sophie creates mono-prints by sketching, hand cutting paper stencils, and using a roller to mix her vibrant oil-based inks, before applying the inked stencils to her images, and creating lots of depth and layers with graduating tones.  She recently spent several months in India as artist in residence at Chhaap Printmaking Studios in Gujurat, where she further honed her craft and created some of her most amazing work, some of which is currently on display at The Print Shop in Quakers Friars.

This week in the studio, Sophie has been producing greeting cards to sell at RedFest (Redfield's annual arts and music festival) this Saturday 3 August, which promises lots of live music, 
alongside craft stalls and activities in St. George Park.

I watched Sophie at work and took some snaps to share with you.

If you're as intrigued by Sophie's creative process as I am, you should check out the workshop she's running at The Print Shop on Thursday 8 August, where she'll be showing you how to produce your own set of mono-printed greeting cards

Book tickets online here (or come in and see us at The Print Shop), find out more about Sophie and her creative process here, and take a look at her stunning portfolio of work here.

I love these 'proofs', which are the result of trials and experiments in Sophie's work (below).