Introducing Katharina Nyilas

Illustrations by Katharina Nyilas.  See more of her work by viewing her  Drawn in Bristol Portfolio.

Hello! I am Katharina, a recently joined illustrator to the collective and I am also very happy to be a new contributor to this blog!

I am inspired by nature and the environment and love making intricate drawings based around important environmental concerns which I feel passionate about.

I mainly start with a pencil and work them up in variety of media including watercolour paints, pen or play around with adding colour on the computer. You can see an example of the first illustration I have made with Drawn in Bristol for Bristol Ferry Comapny's new blog "Ferry Creative" here.

I also enjoy print making and am looking forward to getting stuck in at Drawn in Bristol's printmaking studio at Hamilton House.

This summer I started up a small business called Re-Craft, which aims to bring creative workshops to people of all ages to highlight the importance of re-using and recycling the throw away materials around us in our environment in a creative, practical and fun way. I have greatly been enjoying working with others, which I have found very rewarding.
A selection of images chosen from the bookbinding workshops at Buddhafields festival and Market at the Moon.
Things that have inspired me this year include:

Pick Me Up exhibition at Somerset House and the detailed and colourful work of Tim McDonagh.

Example of Tim McDonaghs beautiful detailed work, see the full sized image on his website.

People that I have met this summer have also greatly inspired me: 

Simon Summers, a very talented blacksmith who utilises ancient techniques and renewable energy, gave me a lot of advice and inspiration regarding holding workshops. See some footage of his work here and here.

Another woman I met, Nicola Peel greatly inspired me. She worked in the amazon rainforest for seven years, highlighting the plight of the indigenous people in the face of oil companies, which her documentary 'Blood of the Amazon' shows. She is a very passionate and caring person who is making a big difference with her life.

See her talk about her work here.

To see more of my illustration please view my Drawn in Bristol portfolio.

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