Epic! A Show About Mountains

Drawn in Bristol members Katy Christianson, Martha Ford and myself realised that we all have something in common. We have a recurring theme throughout our work (mountains; lots of them), so we decided to make an exhibition about it.

Over the last few weeks, we have been busily preparing for 'Epic! A Show About Mountains', a new exhibition opening at Cardiff's lovely Sho Gallery on Saturday 17 August. The show will feature images, old and new, inspired by mountainous landscapes, the people who live there, the folktales surrounding them, and works of the imagination, alongside album artwork for the Dear Leaders (who will be performing an exclusive acoustic set at the opening), created by Katy Christianson.

(Above: Snippets from the 'Dear Leaders' album sleeve by Katy Christianson', 'House on the Island' by Martha Ford, and 'Dwell in Possibility' by Dawn Cooper)

We are super excited about this show, and hope you will be too! The exhibition will be opening on Saturday 17 August, so take a look at the at The Sho Gallery's website here, or the Facebook event page here for more information.

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