Romina Berenice Canet - Stop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals

Romina Berenice Canet
Stop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals
£60 (original)

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Romina Berenice Canet is a freelance illustrator and fine artist born in Argentina who lives and works in Bristol. She graduated in Fine Arts after specialising in Painting and Printmaking and also studied Music, Drama and Trapeze.

In Argentina she published a book with her poems and lithographs called “Resabio de las Fiestas” and was invited to travel around the country to read her poetry in different literature events. In Buenos Aires, for many years, she worked as an Art and English teacher, illustrated for poetry magazines, coordinated artistic events, painted murals and regularly exhibited her work.  In 2008 she worked at Santa Cruz Palace in Madrid restoring furniture and paintings and in 2010 she moved to Bristol where she set up her own studio.

Using a wide range of techniques she works in both colour and black and white, sometimes using her own photographic practice and poetry as inspiration, as well as research into theoretical areas such as carnival, the unconscious, the uncanny and the abject. Her work reflects her interest in humour, sensuality, playfulness, irony, literature and the circus. Travelling through different cultures has also allowed her to develop themes and characters in her work which whisper with unusual, disorienting or disturbing connotations.

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