Martha Ford - Fishing

Martha Ford
£55 (A4 framed print) (unframed print £35)
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After a childhood full of half written ‘novels’, Martha’s intense love of books, storytelling and drawing eventually evolved into a passion for illustration, stopping along the way to get a degree in animation in 2010.  

Inspired by illustrators such as James Jean, Aubrey Beardsley and Arthur Rackham, and the wonderful animator Dudok de Wit, much of her work is figurative, as people and their experiences fascinate her.  

Although adept at using digital techniques, she has a particular fondness for inks, acrylics, fineliner pens and 2b pencils, creating interesting and varied illustrations and communicating ideas, stories and emotions through these. 

Based in Bristol (UK), she has recently been working on a number of animation productions including Aardman’s “Itch of the Golden Nit” and has been building her personal illustration practice. Her work will soon be shown in a number of group exhibitions and she is developing her current collection of illustrations based on the concept of what lies under ‘the surface’. She is very pleased to be able to step out of her home studio bubble and join Drawn in Bristol.

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  1. There's an unframed option(and price) if anyone is interested, thanks. The exhibition looks fabulous!