Upcoming Exhibition: Patternscapes

This beautiful flyer is for a new show by Paul Roberts and Jimmer Willmott, coming to the It's all 2 Much gallery on Friday 5 June. Expect to see brand new work from the pair, in the form of colourful mazes and graphic, handprinted, geometric and fanastical patternscapes gracing the walls of the Stokes Croft gallery.

A crop from a painting by Paul Roberts
Making artwork on Jimmer's boat
It's all 2 Much promotes artwork by UK artists, with a strong emphasis on Bristol based talent, and its neighbouring areas. The gallery's aim is to complement the other galleries in the area by showing works that are 'interestingly different' whilst not giving precedence to any particular style.

At the exhibition, you'll have the option to buy one of Paul 'Monsters' Roberts' fantastic new t-shirts created especially for the event, also available here.

Patternscapes runs from Friday 5 June, with a private viewing at 7:30pm, until Sunday 5 July.  Click here to join the Facebook event.

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