Now Showing: Ornithology

Katy Christianson has presented a stunning collection of intricately detailed bird drawings, currently on display at Hamilton House.  Once a vacant and neglected office block, Hamilton House is at the centre of Bristol's art scene, and is home to numerous artist studios, including the Drawn in Bristol space where Katy is a resident artist.

Katy's new exhibition Ornithology begins her goal to draw an astounding 100 birds, highlighting the diversity of Britain's native wildlife.  The natural world features heavily in Katy's diverse portfolio of illustrations, which often begin life as labourious ink drawings, comprising hundreds of delicate pen strokes.

The collection on display in the Coexist exhibition space, which you'll see as you walk in to Hamilton House, is a monochromatic vision.  Katy has combined beautiful framed screenprints with original drawings in their natural form.

You'll have to be quick if you want to catch this exhibition, which closes on Thursday 26 February. Katy's also selling items from her Katy's Print Shop range, including hand-printed sketchbooks and original screenprints.

To view more of Katy's work, click here, or visit Hamilton House's official site to find out more.

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