Christmas Gift Ideas #1: Stocking Fillers

Pocket Mirrors | By Sarah Dennis | £4.95 each or £13.95 for four
We love these pocket mirrors from Sarah Dennis, featuring her original paper cut designs of festive creatures and forest critters.
Available Sarah's Etsy shop.
Sarah's kindly offering free shipping on Christmas gifts, so be sure to enter the code *freefestiveshipping* at the checkout.

Tea Towel | By Sarah Dennis | £12.00
Among Sarah's fabulous new items are these beautiful brightly coloured tea towels, also available from her Etsy shop.

Art Print | By Holly Maguire | £10.00
A great little gift for crafty friends and stationery lovers, designed by Holly Maguire.
Available from her Etsy shop.

Assorted Bird Stickers | By Liv Tucker | £3.00
These illustrated bird stickers from Liv Tucker are a perfect stocking filler gift, in our opinion.
Snap them up from her Etsy shop here.

Bespoke Yellow Monster Box | By Paul Roberts | £15.00
This little monster by Paul 'Monsters' Roberts doubles up as a handy keepsake or jewellery box.  We love him!
Available from Paul's shop here.

'Through the two Mountains' Giclee Print | By Martha Ford | £25.00
This colourful print from Martha Ford is simply beautiful, and would be a lovely gift for someone special.
Pick it up from Martha's shop here.

Wooden Fox Brooch | By Boodle Boutique | From £6.70
This little fella has been hand screen-printed by Bethan Buss of Boodle Boutique, and is available individually or as part of a set of assorted brooches.
Check them out at Bethan's Etsy shop.

Hand-made Seed Packets | By Hannah Bailey | £4.50 each
Studio member Hannah Bailey has made four gorgeous illustrated seed packets you can mail to a green-fingered friend.
She also has a stunning new Christmas card design, also available from her Folksy shop.

'When Thoughts Collide' Screenprint | By Carys-Ink | £15.00
Last but by no means least, we've plucked this stunning three colour screen print from Carys Tait's  shop, a lovely gift to brighten up someone's home this Christmas.
You can purchase it from her Print Shop here.
Stay tuned for more gift ideas, available on the blog soon!

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