Introducing: Laura Wood

See more of Laura's portfolio here.

We are delighted that Laura Wood has recently joined Drawn in Bristol as we have long been admiring her beautiful narrative and editorial illustrations in the studio! She has worked on many children's books, digital apps and educational books.

Laura's working process includes using both traditional media and editing software: 

"I like...the traditional feel of the pencil with the digital easiness of the software.  In fact, I've noticed book publishers want to have traditional looking images but also having the possibility to change things quickly, if required. So this is a combination that works really well for me, allowing me to achieve both things at once."

Laura talks about her inspiration:

"Inspiration for me always comes from the act of sharing and comparing ideas, points of view, dreams, projects or different cultures and backgrounds with other people and artists.
Also I spend a lot of time browsing other people's blogs and websites.  It's always very inspiring for me to look and admire other people's work."

Laura admires work by Quentin Blake, Beatrix Potter and Mary Blair as well as work by more contemporary artists Julia Sarde, Chuck Groenink and Meg Hunt.

Laura's studio space, illustrated by herself!
"I feel very lucky that my ideal work environment is the one I'm working in at the moment. I currently have a desk in a studio space shared with other illustrators, designers and visual artists. It's a quirky and welcoming space, sort of a dream come true for me."

We are certainly very privileged to have her working alongside us in the studio!

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