Introducing: Tom Bonson

Tom Bonson has been penciling drawings in the Drawn in Bristol studio since last summer, and I'm lucky to call him a neighbour, as it's always a joy to rifle through his sketchbook.

'I mainly deal with kid's picture books as it suits my work best.  It's very character driven,' said Tom, when asked to describe his work.  'I love creating goofy characters with a heart, whilst keeping it humorous and whimsical too.'

Tom's work is filled with plenty of imagination.  He says his inspiration comes from a variety of sources. 'Music is a large factor. Working around others artists always gets me motivated and looking through some of my favourite artists (Shaun Tan, Cory Loftis, Denis Zilber, Ashley Woods, Norman Rockwell, Peter de Seve, Poly Bernatene, Joy Ang, to name a few) always helps with a little bit of inspiration.'

His work largely begins as an intricately detailed pencil sketch, which Tom meticulously enhances in Photoshop with lots of layers, colour and shadowing to bring it to life.

'Music and cooking are the other creative pursuits I also enjoy.  I reckon they all help influence my artwork in some way or another.  My best work is done when listening to a newly discovered piece of music while eating cake.'

Tom's currently working on a couple of children's book ideas, which he hopes to do more of in the future.

His beautiful artwork has recently graced the walls of The Canteen, the studio's neighbouring waterhole, as he was named Hamilton House's Artist of the Month for March.  If you missed it, you can get an eyeful of Tom's work here.