Now Showing: Over Land & Sea

Head over to the Grain Barge this month for a bright array of fantastical bold landscapes and detailed seascapes by Drawn in Bristol illustrators Lucy Davey and Dawn Cooper.  You'll find their original screenprints and fine art prints nestled between tables in the dining area.
Lucy Davey has been a freelance illustrator since graduating from UWE Bristol in 2005.  Since then, she's created book covers for over ninety different titles as well as producing work for magazines, packaging, window displays and design projects.  Her distinctive sense of colour is inspired by 1950s prints, and the Devon countryside where she grew up.  You might also notice a contemporary Native American theme running through her collection of prints currently on display at the Grain Barge.

Dawn Cooper lives a stone's throw away from the barge itself on Bristol's beautiful harbourside, and was thrilled to be invited to exhibit at the Grain Barge.  She seized the opportunity to work on some new sea-themed illustrations, befitting of the show's location.

Dawn draws everything by hand in her sketchbook, before assembling her drawings on screen to make multi-layered illustrations with lots of digital colour and texture.  She is a great lover of quotes, which often appear in her prints, and telling a story through a singular image.

You can catch a glimpse of their work at the Grain Barge until Sunday 30 March.  Take a look at the Grain Barge's website for more details, or find more of Lucy's work and Dawn's work on the Drawn in Bristol website.