Two days to go: COLOURS

There's a studious atmosphere in the Drawn in Bristol studio today, with COLOURS fast approaching.  This Thursday 26 September at 6pm, sees the launch of an exciting new exhibition, combining the talents of Bristol illustrators, as well as those from farther afield, at the Parlour Showrooms (the green building opposite College Green, at the foot of Bristol's much loved Park Street).

These sumptuous posters (which I can't stop staring at) were designed by Drawn in Bristol members Katy Christianson and Liv Bargman (the show's organisers), and give a taste of what you can expect from this show, which combines illustration, science, info-graphics and much more.  In the words of Katy and Liv:

'With COLOURS, we want to bring together illustration and science by exploring the theory behind colour, but also by looking at how colour is used in science and technology, and how practical things can be beautiful.  COLOURS will focus not only on illustration, but on graphic design and visual communication, exploring any creative way of sharing information.'

I've been catching sneaky glances of some of the work that's being produced for the show, and I can't wait to see it all come together.

Katy has been busy creating beautiful screen prints (pictured above) to celebrate the launch of the Dear Leaders' latest record, who will be performing in the COLOURS Night of Music (info here) on Saturday 5 October in the same venue, from 7pm until late.  The band have adapted a new strategy for their latest release; when you buy one of Katy's lovely prints, you will receive a digital download of the tracks.  It's a refreshing alternative to having to find room for yet another CD, and you also get a nice piece of handmade art for your wall.

Well then, all that remains for me to do is share a link to the Facebook event, and for you to make your way over to the exhibition!  The exhibition is up until Tuesday 8 October.  Keep your eye out for upcoming workshops by keeping track of the Drawn in Bristol Facebook page.  

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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