EVENT: The Print Shop Volume 2 Launch

I couldn't help but share this beauty of a flyer, designed by our very own Dave Bain, to publicise Volume Two of The Print Shop, which is kicking off on Wednesday 28 August from 5pm.

Volume Two of The Print Shop will showcase a whole host of new printmakers, alongside some favourites from Volume One (which concludes this Sunday, so make sure you drop in and see us before the switch-over takes place!).

The next instalment of The Print Shop will be brimming with framed artwork, prints, cards, hand-printed bags and a range of homewards, gifts and other handmade delights.  Alongside makers from Drawn in Bristol and Spike Print Studio, the shop will feature two guest artists, Irena Czapska and Tom Sowden.

Expect a bustling launch and live printing on Wednesday 28 August (a key date for your diary!), plus the chance to meet some of our print-makers, see the shop in full swing, and have first dibs on some truly unique  prints and products.

If you haven't got your diary to hand, you can join in with our Facebook event here

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