Hello!  My name is Dawn Cooper, and I am incredibly happy to say that I have very recently become a contributing author to the Drawn in Bristol blog.

I spend most of my time penning illustrations in the Drawn in Bristol studio space, which I share with a host of very talented people.  A lot of my patterned drawings are inspired by nature, and I have amassed quite a collection of bird books, wildflower directories and botanical illustration books.  Today however, I have been tasked with the challenge to introduce myself by writing about something that I have recently been inspired by.

The choice was easy.  Map of Days, the latest book by Robert Hunter.

The moment I saw this book in the window of the Arnolfini (and they have a habit of planting books in their display that immediately grab my attention), I had to go in and buy it.  Not only on the strength of his other publication, The New Ghost (another impulse buy), but because the cover, with its silhouetted solid colour forms, was so beautiful.  I was not disappointed when I ventured inside the book to find page after page of beautiful illustrations and striking colours.  For such a short book, it has a very powerful story, too.  I'm hesitant to say too much more, and would strongly recommend that you seek out a copy for yourself!

If you're not already familiar with Robert's work, you can see more of it here.

Watch this space for future posts from me and the lovely Bett Norris (you will meet her soon), who will be keeping you up to date with Drawn in Bristol goings on!