DIB Calendar - Bethan Buss

A little bit of insight from the illustrators who contributed to the DIB Bristol calendar, which is now available to buy from: 

Paper . Scissors . Stone shop, Volume 4, which launched October 3rd at 5pm!

Bethan Buss says:

I chose Arnos vale as I had never visited before being a fairly new Bristolian, and I was up for an adventure. So I went there after work one day, not knowing it closes in the evenings and found a way in through the park! It was a beautiful summers evening and I got inspired by the patterns on the grave stones and the stories behind them. the inspiration for the Pigeon came from one landing right in front of me on a lovely over grown gravestone. I also didn't want my design to be too dark which could be easily done when in a graveyard! I thought this along with a dead pigeon would lighten the context slightly and add humour to the design. 

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