Simon David Mills - BEARDS


The typically hirsute Drawn in Bristol is all set for a thoroughly pogonotrophous few weeks this March. Those among you with a slow growth rate (or worse, sparse distribution) may consider this notice more than adequate for you to get at least halfway into character; lay the bic and the badger brush to rest as we welcome Simon David Mills onto Bristol’s Grain Barge for his very latest exhibition, BEARDS.

Bristol-based Simon’s famed naïve style begins as doodles on scraps of paper, forming the basis for his characters and subjects which are translated onto ‘found’ canvasses; discarded materials and objects that find a new life among his constellation of creations. Old wood, metal, roads, walls and scrap cars are subject to Simon’s inks, sticks, brushes and spray paint... not to mention the electric jigsaw.  

The exhibition will run from March 7th to 31st, and we’re inviting you to come down on Wednesday the 7th at 8:00pm to scratch your chin with us at the opening night!

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