Distance Exhibition in Argentina featuring Drawn in Bristol members

Curated by our member Romina Berenice Canet, 'Distancia / Distance' is a joint exhibition by artists and illustrators from Argentine and Bristol on the theme of distance.

Held in 'Casa Carnacini' this exhibition might be a little far for most UK people to get to, but watch out for a second showing of all the work sometime early this year.

If you are able to go along to see the show, it opens TONIGHT - link and address below:

Casa Carnacini

Featuring: Alejandro Agdamus, Dave Bain, Leo Antolini, Andrea Balogh, Daniela Bogado, Alex Bertram-Powell,Bruno Busnelli, Katy Christianson, Romina Berenice Canet, Martha Ford, Florencia Delboy, Natalie Hughes, Maria Julia Goyena, Jess of The Lions, Ivanke and Lola, Jenny MacKendrick, Juan Lado, Kyle Smart, Carlos Leiro, SPZero76, Lorena Ruiz and Sally Haysom

RSVP & more information here:

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