Rebecca Shepherd - Top Duck

Rebecca Shepherd
Top Duck
£20 (A5 framed print) (unframed £10)

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More info here: BIG BOAT, little boat

Rebecca wrote and illustrated her first book in 1995 - an adaptation of 'The Frog Prince'. The book was published in an edition of 1 by her teacher Mrs Eade. Unfortunately since she was only six, she got a bit bored with drawing the pictures and they got a bit scribbly and difficult to make out towards the end of the book.

Upon deciding she needed further training, she studied Illustration at the University West of England and graduated with a First-class degree in 2011.
She spent her final few months at university working on a picture book that she self published called The Sea Monsters' Picnic. Since then she has been participating as an illustrator on collaborative storytelling website Storybird, where people have been inspired to make their own stories from her images. Most recently she's begun to dabble in some illustration and design for home accessories.
She likes best to express things in simple marks and shapes and always lots of colour. She works in watercolour and gouache along with most of the contents of her surprisingly boring black pencil case.
She takes inspiration from bright and beautiful picture books that just work because of their simplicity. Other things she loves are textile art, fabrics and patterns, the natural world, stained glass and her giant catalogue of antiques.

Her hobbies include having a go at different crafty things now and again; from sewing projects to jewellery making - plus reading, going for a stroll and watching Star Wars.

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