Naomi Hocking - Bristol Boat Fiesta

Naomi Hocking
Bristol Boat Fiesta
£60 (A4 framed print)

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More info here: BIG BOAT, little boat

Naomi Hocking’s work covers every subject from travel and architecture through to fashion, and she is able to deploy a vast array of styles and media to great effect.

She has a degree in illustration from Loughborough University and has exhibited her work at the Mall Gallery, London; the London Transport Museum; Brick Lane Gallery, London; and in the Association of Illustrator’s (AOI) Year Book, 2003. Her children’s cards can also be bought at Bristol’s Dinky Inc. shop.  She has also recently started a monthly commission for Total Guitar magazine (Future Publishing) where she will illustrate the regular song-writing column.

Bristol-based Naomi is both unpretentious and modest: “I haven’t got any clever reasons for why I draw and paint – I just love it,” she explains simply, “I find the various forms of architecture around the world fascinating and I also enjoy the intense colours and textures of foods. I like colour and line; architecture and food; texture and detail, and although I use the computer for my more intricate work, I like to do larger works on canvas as they allow more freedom for movement and a looser style.”

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