Emily Daly - Pug Boat

Emily Daly
Pug Boat
£50 (framed print) (unframed £22)

Please get in touch if you wish to purchase: drawninbristol@gmail.com
More info here: BIG BOAT, little boat

Emily Daly is an illustrator and designer based in Bristol. With a life long love of creative and imaginative illustration she went on to study Graphic Communication at Bath Spa University of Art and Design and specialised in illustration. Since finishing her degree Emily has gone on to work closely with both local and international companies; gaining experience in freelance illustration. Currently Emily is working with a newly developed local childrens book company, I Am A Bookworm LTD, to create an educational iPad application for children and has recently been published in a double page feature in PSM3 magazine. Her future projects involve setting out to illustrate one or more children's books for a Bristol based company early next year. 

She works from home, in the town of Bristol where she grew up, and enjoys working with colour, character and narrative. She has always been inspired by stories and old moral tales with a fascination in enchanting story telling and rich and mysterious ideas. She begins each piece by visualising the image to be as if it were a still from a film and injects vibrancy, detail and tonnes of character to ensure that when combined the composition, colour and concept all work seamlessly together.

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