Chandra Almeida - All Aboard

Chandra Almeida
All Aboard
£45 (A5 framed print) (unframed £20)
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More info here: BIG BOAT, little boat
A recent UWE Illustration graduate, Chandra combines hand-painted and digital techniques to create a clean yet subtle graphic style, focusing on colour, shape and figurative form.

Chandra's work has recently become increasingly directed toward children - her first adventure into picture books, ‘The Three Sisters’, is a narrative inspired by Grimm’s fairy tales about three sisters who want to make their mother a birthday cake. The characters are based on she and her two sisters as children growing up in Devon.

Recent work for the 'Joining the Dots' exhibition at Bristol gallery 'Shop' focuses on 9 different countries from around the world, and the people and animals that live there. Each image portrays a snapshot of a different environment and way of life, illustrating some of the diversity of our world – the idea that all of these things in all of these places are happening at the same time.

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