Ben Goodman - All For One

Ben Goodman
All For One
£75 (A5 original woodcut print)
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More info here: BIG BOAT, little boat
Ben was born and bread in Coventry into a world of Two Tone, curry and England's finest collection of concrete hi-rises. Since moving to Bristol he has become increasingly interested in traditional printmaking and has recently focused on wood-engraving. A theme running throughout his personal work is a sense of place and observation - always capturing a moment in time when we pause to think. Whether that be the forgotten crossroads where Robert Leroy Johnson sold his soul, or the family cat resting after a large meal.

His work as been accepted into exhibitions such as the AOI's annual show at the London Transport Museum and Clarke Willmott's Young Artist of the Year exhibition. Ben has also began producing short animations, most recently for the theatre company Idiot Child, and he has also branched out into automata and model making. He is intrigued by all artistic disciplines and is always keen to try new ways of working.

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